Monday, 31 October 2011

Vintage Look Beaded Christmas Gift Bows

Hand-woven, old gold, beaded Christmas gift bows

Magenta Beaded Christmas Gift Bow

I've been thinking about making some Christmas gift bows for a while, using the method that I used on my twine Gardener gift bows. But I couldn't think of what material to use that would give me a festive look, but would hold it's shape.Then this weekend, I found the solution. Raffia. And this raffia is a fab shade of old gold that looks like vintage metal. The finished bows remind me of vintage brooches, with a very luxurious look about them.

The centres are made up of wool on the Magenta and Purple versions, and all of the bows have hand sewn metallic beads to finish them off, and give extra sparkle.

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