Thursday, 27 October 2011

A Mosaic Christmas (Part 2)

Fiesta Mosaic Christmas Bauble Decoration

The next two sets of baubles in my mosaic decoration range have been listed. The first ones are using the colours I've used before, and I call the pallete Fiesta. The colours are all handpainted onto the tiles using combinations of magenta, red, orange, and gold.


Peacock Mosaic Christmas Bauble Decoration

The second set I've called Peacock, because the palette I've used remind me of the colours you'd find in a peacock feather - blue, green, turquoise, aqua, and copper. Some of the tiles are handpainted to give me the shades that I wanted.

Both of the sets of baubles are finished in grey grout. and both sets are suitable for interior or exterior use. In fact, they don't have to just be used for the festive season. These baubles would look great in the garden all year round. Either hanging up, or as a collection in a bowl on a table.

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