Friday, 25 November 2011

Folksy Handmade Gift Ideas - Beach Lovers

This is the latest of my gift idea lists of items found on I'm trying to create themed lists that you can use if you have someone you know who fits the theme, rather than just trawling through a random list of Female, or Male gifts (although I have done a couple of random lists in Men and Bootcamp Bounty).

So if you know any Vintage/Retro Lovers, Gardeners , or anyone who loves work (they do exist) and has an Office, or desk, check out their lists. (Don't forget the Christmas Decorations and Wrapping list for yourself.)

Fossil Mosaic Garden Bird Water Bath
Beach Lovers -

This handmade gift idea list isn't for the people who like to just lie on the beach (you'll just have to get them a bottle of sun lotion), this is for anyone who loves all things to do with beaches, and being by the sea.   

I know it might seem like an odd theme to do at this time of year, but if you're a beach lover you love being on the beach any time of year, and you'll love things that remind you of the beach.

This time of year is great for beachcombing, when the rough weather kicks up the treasures of the sea. 

So all the items in this list are either inspired by things you'd find on or around the beach, or they are made out of the things you'd find on or around the beach -



  1. Great board - I do love the seaside - maybe one day I'll get that little house by the sea!

  2. I love that driftwood boat - great collection!

  3. Wonderful idea! And very cheerful for this time of year :] Thank you so much! x

  4. Thanks, everyone. I love the beach, so I loved putting this board together. It's a proper feelgood board, to me. Jo :)

  5. Lovely collection, I can virtually feel the sand between my toes! Big thank you for including my canvas design too!!

    Sarah :)