Friday, 18 November 2011

Folksy Handmade Gift Ideas - Vintage / Retro

I love retro, and vintage, so this was an easy list for me to put together. There's some fab things here, and lots of new shops.

Bit of a mare on Pinterest today, I couldn't set up a new board for this theme. So, I've added it onto the Men's gift idea board. Not a bad thing. It means the Men's gifts get a second wind.

I don't have anything vintage/retro to go on the list, so the pic to go with this blog is my closest look item which is my slate daisy ornament/letter rack, it has a slightly vintage look about it. The items on my gift list have a much more retro/vintage feel.

Have a look and see for yourself -



  1. I really liked your selection. Groovy, baby!

  2. Great way of doing it and wonderful selection.


  3. Thanks, ilovedolly, and Linda. Luckily there were loads of great vintage/retro items to choose from so I could make up a decent sized list on this one.