Thursday, 10 November 2011

I've Gone All Abstract

Purple & Blue Abstract Mosaic Garden Bird Water Bath

Purple & Blue Abstract Mosaic Garden Bird Water Bath

I have been experimenting with pattern and colour combination again, and I've created this Purple & Blue Abstract Mosaic Bird Bath. The colours of this bird bath came from the stone I was using being purple, and the iridescent tile I wanted to use having a purple iridescence on a blue background. So I decided on the colour pallete starting with shades of blue and purple and added turquoises and greys. I had the idea to make the design out of full square tiles, half tile rectangles, and quarter tile squares randomly placed. On the rim the tiles have grooves and the grout has collected in the grooves and gives a really nice effect and an instant aged look.

I am in the process of making a matching pot for this bird bath. So, depending on how they are received it might turn into another ongoing range. Watch this space.

Blue Rim Ripple Mosaic Garden Bird Water Bath

The other bird bath I've listed recently is another version of my Ripple design. This time I've added tiles to the rim of the bath. It's given yet another different feel to this design. It reminds me of a ceramic bowl that's got circles of glaze on it.

I bloomin' love mosaic. You can get so many different styles and feels using one material in different colour palettes, and patterns.

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