Friday, 4 November 2011

Folksy Handmade Christmas - White

Wool and Bead Snowflake Christmas Hanging Decoration

Well, mostly white. There's a bit of cream, clear glass, and a tiny bit of red and green. All white would be a bit much, wouldn't it?

Clear seed beads give the effect of ice crystals
I've chosen the white theme to go with my (off-white) Wool and Bead Snowflake Hangers. I was originally trying out wool flower designs to maybe use on a cushion, but this type of looped flower immediately reminded me of stylised snowflakes. I've added some clear seed beads to the centres to give an ice crystal effect, and then strung them onto clear filament to make them look like they were floating. I've beaded both sides of the snowflakes, so they would make great window hanging decorations.

So, here are the rest of the lovely items I've found to give you a guaranteed White Christmas -



  1. Those are so pretty!!

  2. Beautiful snowflakes! And I think my other faves from your Pinterest board are the fairy lights by Red Brick Glass and RocketDog's cone Christmas trees. Lovely!

    I've done a Folksy Friday too, over at my Fordie Fresh blog if you'd like a look.

    Top Floor Treasures x

  3. Thank you very much. The snowflakes were really hard to photograph, so I'm glad they look ok. I am coming across some really lovely things doing these Xmas blogs, I'm really enjoying finding them. Jo :)