Thursday, 9 February 2012

Goldfish and The Med.

Goldfish Pond Mosaic Garden Plant Pot

When I was painting the hearts on my denim patchwork style Bright Hearts pot I was painting an orange heart onto a blue background which gave me the idea to paint some goldfish onto a turquoise tile and have them swimming round the outside of a pot. So the Goldfish Pond Pot was created. I've added some pond grasses in matt and transluscent green, and some transluscent aqua tiles to add to the watery feel, and to add depth to the design. I think it would look great with something grassy sticking out of the top, giving the impression that the grasses are growing out of the water like reeds. It would definitely be a fun addition to the garden.

Mediterranean Hearts Mosaic Plant Pot

The other mosaic pot I've made was inspired in part by the glass hearts that are included. The colours of the hearts are aqua and mid green. They also have a very watery quality to them, so I created a tile pallete to compliment them and that, in turn, reminded me of the colours of the Mediterranean. So it became the Mediterranean Hearts Pot, which I think fits well. People always think fondly of The Med. With the terracotta of the pot as well it's got a really nice warm look to it. This pot would look really good with a Mediterraean type plant in it, like something with silver leaves, or a cactus or succulent, or a geranium. The plant and pot would then make a fab Mothers Day gift for a garden loving mum.

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