Friday, 10 February 2012

Folksy Handmade - Insects

Slate Mosaic Dragonfly Garden Decoration

This Folksy Friday has been inspired by my Slate Mosaic Dragonfly, which in turn was inspired by the Monthly Theme Challenge on the Folksy Forum. There's nothing not to like about that challenge. It gets you thinking laterally on a subject to start the creative juices flowing. Which usually leads to more ideas, like I ended up making a Slate Flower Pot Decoration, and I get a Folksy Friday theme too.

The dragonfly gave me the idea to collect together as many different insect as I could find (no spiders though, I hate spiders). As usual the lovely sellers on Folksy haven't let me down and there were loads of lovely bugs to choose from. Have a look at them all here -


  1. Great collection of insects! I love your mosaic <3

  2. Wonderful insect finds. That dragonfly is gorgeous.