Thursday, 16 February 2012

Daisy, Daisy.

Aqua Daisy Mosaic Garden Metal Plant Support Stake

Aqua Daisy Mosaic with light shining through

I have been perfecting the design for these plant stakes for a while. I've come up with a decorative stake that is secure enough to be used practically too. The metal rod for the stake can be screwed into the bottom of the mosaic ball topper meaning the stake can be used at an angle without the mosaic top falling off as it could do if it was just perched on top. And it's lightweight enough not to fall over with it's own weight.

The pebble daisy design on the top is raised above the ball so the light comes through and really makes pebble colours shine. If you look at the stake from the side it looks a bit like a poppy seed head.

Blue Daisy Mosaic Garden Plant Support Stake

These plant support stakes come in two colour versions, the Aqua Daisy and the Blue Daisy, and would look great just to add interest and colour in a border or container, as well as being useful for holding back flopping plants. I have enjoyed 'engineering' this design.

Pastel Mosaic Daisy Bird Bath

I seem to have a thing about daisies at the moment because I've got my new folky daisies all over my banners and blog (not sure if the daisies down the sides of the blog are staying, I think they may be a bit distracting. I'll live with them for a bit because I like them, they remind me of vintage embroidered trim), and I've also got a Pastel Mosaic Daisy Bird Bath on my website and in my Folksy shop at the moment too.

I think I'm pining for the spring and summer. Not long now.

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