Friday, 17 February 2012

Folksy Handmade - Mediterranean

Mediterranean Hearts Garden Plant Pot

Hands up who's fed up with the cold weather. Hands up who's thinking of sunnier days and holidays. I made my Mediterranean Hearts Pot because the colours of the glass hearts reminded me of The Mediterranean sea, which made me think ahead to summer. So, for this week's Folksy Friday, seeing as it's turning colder again, I've collected together a set of items that will hopefully transport you to the Mediterranean region and those lovely sunbaked days of holidays, and mentally warm you up. As usual, follow the link to see the goodies -

(p.s. I've just discovered how you get an item onto Pinterest with a price on it. You just add a price to the end of the written description when you Pin It. Add it with a sterling mark and after a comma (like - mosaic pot, £10) Simple when you know how, huh. This apparently also puts the item into the gift section of Pinterest, which I didn't know existed until researching how to get the price added. Always learning.)

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