Friday, 3 February 2012

Folksy Handmade - Natural Men

Peacock and Copper Mosaic Mirror, by JoSara

Ok, as promised last week, a collection of male Valentine gifts for this Folksy Friday. What do you get them? You can't get them things with hearts and roses all over them. So, I thought, the best thing would be something made of a natural material. There's something cosy, and warm about natural materials. I've chosen wood, leather, and wool. That's a very loving thing to give someone, something cosy and warm, isn't it?

That's my theory on what to get men for Valentines. And here's the selection -


  1. Thank you for including one of my pens

  2. Great collection of manly goodies. Thanks for including my Harris Tweed iPad sleeve.

  3. My pleasure. Both of your items were perfect for my theme. Jo :)

  4. What fabulous choices! No excuse now then...Jill xx

  5. I too picked Folksy gifts suitable for men - you have made lovely choices.