Friday, 24 February 2012

Folksy Handmade - Shed Chic

Mosaic Aqua Heart Slate Hanging Garden Decoration
This week we had to buy a shed due to our old garden storage finally giving up the ghost. I spent hours trying to find one in the size that would fit the space (very small), within budget (very small), and that looked like it wouldn't blow away in a light breeze. Not easy, but I have finally found a tool store that is perfect. I am really looking forward to sprucing it up, when it arrives, with a lick of paint and maybe some decoration.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to sit in it and survey my garden (there's just enough room for a set of shelves and a garden rake). But, it got me thinking about how I would dress up a full-sized summerhouse / garden room shed.

So, this week's Folksy Friday is my pick for a complete shed makeover. Quite a large selection too because there was too much to choose from. See what you think -


  1. Wow thats a massive selection of lovely stuff and what a great idea to use Pinterest to create the treasury. This isn't something i've used before but i may give it a go.

    I too have done a Folksy Friday if you fancy a look -

    Great to discover a new blog too and i'm now your newest follower.
    Happy Friday