Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Water Lily and Mini Bee Garden Mosaic Spheres

Water Lily Mosaic Garden Ball

I made my first garden sphere ever recently and straight away I had the urge to make another one in a different design, then the butterflies are joined by bees, on large and on mini balls too. It's gone sphere mad round here.

The Water Lily Pond Ball has two goldfish, two dragonflies with iridescent wings, and white water lily flowers all on a jade green background. It would look really great next to a pond. Or it would be great if you can't have a pond in your garden as a replacement.

Bees and Butterflies on Mosaic Garden Spheres

A couple of designs I have made for customers are variations of the original butterfly ball with bees added too.

Mini Bee Mosaic Garden Spheres

And these are the mini balls with a single bumblebee on which are very cute, and great as plant markers or to use in a container as decoration.

If you've seen anything you like, you can always message me on Facebook and I'll see if I can make what you're after.

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