Saturday, 16 March 2013

Mosaic Garden Wind Chime

Mosaic Hearts Garden Contemporary Wind Chime

Mosaic Hearts Garden Contemporary Wind Chime

I've been creating another new product to add to my website. I have made these mosaic plaques in the past, but usually in smaller sizes as hanging decorations for the garden. This time, though, I decided to adapt one to become a wind chime. I really enjoy this creative process for a new design. First, some online research to see if it's being done already. Nope. Great. Then, sourcing the materials for the job. Next, researching how to create what I want from them, although there actually isn't that much to find online on this subject, so I've had to be engineer again and work it out myself. Finally, designing the mosaic to give the effect I wanted, which was for a contemporary, modern look wind chime. 

Mosaic Hearts Contemporary Garden Wind Chime

I have hand cut the tube chimes to various lengths to create a really lovely, harmonious sound, the drilled them and hand tied them to the plaque. The plaque tile colours work really well with the glass hearts. One compliments the colours and one stands out as an accent. And the hearts sit proud of the mosaic meaning the light can shine through them, lighting the colours up. The plaque hanging hole is reinforced to take it's weight. The chimes are galvanised and anodised to prevent corrosion. All the mosaic materials are weather, and frost resistant. It's a fab garden worthy item.

It would look and sound great in a garden, but it could be used indoors too. As it's tiled on all surfaces it can be hung so it's viewed from all angles, like on a tree branch, or hanging basket bracket. Or put it in a hallway to greet you as you open the door.

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