Friday, 8 March 2013

Folksy Handmade - Vegetable Garden

It's March already, and that means time to get the veg bed started. It's like a mini Good Life round here come veg season. I only have a tiny veg bed in our tiny garden. It's 1m x 2m. This year though I am going to fit into it - 8 Broad Bean plants, a row of peas, two rows of snap peas, 4 sweetcorn plants, some carrots and spring onions, and I'll grow a row of French Beans up the fence behind it. It's surprising how much you can fit into a small space. It won't give a massive crop, but it's nice to just go out and pick a few fresh bits here and there as we need them in the summer.

Last weekend I put some homemade compost into the veg bed to get them going (I'm that small scale that it's taken 2 years to get a decent amount of compost in my bin because I hardly have any garden waste to put in, it's all peelings). This weekend, I'll sow my first seeds into it.

So, in honour of the veg growing season starting, this week's Folksy Friday is a plot's worth of vegetables.

To get more details on any of the items, just click on the pic.

Bag of Mixed Salad
Grandma's Miniature Market
Original Lino Art Print Artichokes
Handprinted by A Deegan
Vegetables in Season Art Print

Vegetable Seed Catalogue Cushion
Nell's Needle
Five a Day
Loumay Books
Basket of Fruit & Veg Knitting Pattern
Fluff and Fuzz

Carrot Stud Earrings
Sweet 'n' Neat
Felt Peas
Vegetable Gift Wrap Set
Kate Broughton

Red Cabbage
Photographs of the Natural World
Onions in Grandpa's Shed
Vegetable Stitch Markers
Rainbow Tree Crafts


  1. Great inspiration Jo! I checked on my artichokes last weekend and they seem to have survived the winter but the slugs have now decided they are a bit tasty :(

  2. A great idea for a Folksy Friday theme and a lovely selection. Lot`s of shops I haven`t seen before.


  3. Thank you for featuring our peas! This is a lovely selection!