Friday, 11 January 2013

Winter to Spring

Mosaic Bird Box
This week started with quite mild weather, which started me thinking about spring (I think it started quite a lot of people thinking about it, because at least two of this week's Folksy front page features have been spring themed). I'm not quite in full spring mode just yet. Especially as the weather is taking a turn for the cold again. But I'm looking forward to the first signs. Like the first spring flowers, and the birds that stay for the summer starting to arrive. On that train of though I have been creating a new range of bird boxes which I'm planning to start listing in a couple of weeks. And I think one of them inspired the palette for this FF.

So, today's Folksy Friday is a nod to spring, with a touch of winter too, just to remind us that we're not quite through it yet. Some things are featured for their image, and some things are featured to create the palette I wanted. All things are there because they are fab.

Birds in Flight Fine Art Photo Print
Eyeshoot Photography
Frosty Tree
Michael Arthur Photography
Cornish Ceramic Buttons
Eljo's Haberdashery

Sky Ring
Art You Wear
Fair Maids of February Linocut Print
Stuart Brocklehurst - Printmaker
Hand-knitted Cushion 'Springtime'
The Cat and the Holly Tree

Spring Breeze SportW Merino Yarn
Abstract Cat Crafts
Spring Green Waterfall Necklace
Sally Jane Originals
Green and White Granny Blanket
Purpleshed - Contemporary Crochet

Primrose Trio Felt Flower Brooch
Lupin Handmade
Unique Artwork
Spring Green Light Catcher
Sugarlips Glass

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