Thursday, 31 January 2013

Heathland Mosaic Plant Flower Pot Set

Heathland Mosaic Garden Herb Plant Flower Pot Set

Heathland Pots and Bird Box
Another addition to my new Landscape range. I've already listed a couple of bird boxes in the Coast, and Heathland palettes. I've now got this set of 3 Heathland flower pots in stock. I think these would look great with silvery plants like lavender, or succulents, or herbs. Which are perfect for the Heathland theme too as it's a hot, dry landscape which is just what these plants like.

This pot set will come with a free mini packet of Thyme seeds to get you started if you haven't got any herb plants. Maybe they could be used in the kitchen to have fresh herbs there all year (you'll need to stand them on a saucer, or tray to catch the water). You could colour co-ordinate your herbs to the pots, so some basil in the small one, some chives in the medium, and a thyme plant in the big one. And you could place the pots outdoors in the summer and bring them indoors for the winter. The pots are designed to be used outdoors all year if needed though, and would look great in the garden adding colour.

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