Friday, 6 July 2012

Folksy Handmade - Cats

We adopted a couple of 6 month old kittens a couple of weeks ago. They are sisters, but are different in colour, and very different in personality. The grey tabby, Treacle, is very laid back. She's got extra toes on all her paws. 2 on each front paw, 1 each on each back paw. The official term is Polydactyl (meaning many fingered). It makes her look like she's got snow shoes on. Very cute. You can certainly hear her coming down the stairs. The brown tabby, Peanut (we knew she'd be a nut before we named her) is a lot more active (not that you'd know from her photo), and is, frankly, a bit mad. She is very good at mini football though. She can dribble her mini ball the length of the room, trap it under her paw, and dribble it all the way back again.
Anyway, in honour of these two turning up, this week's Folksy Friday theme is - cats.

(Shop links under the picture gallery, Pinterest board on the link below. And of course I would have included Fat Kitty, but I've already used him in a previous FF.)

Top Row (left to right)
Middle Row (left to right)
Bottom Row (left to right)


  1. Your kittens are so beautiful I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with them !
    Thank you so much for featuring my cushion.

  2. Thanks, and my pleasure, Vicky. It's gorgeous, and really tied all the other cat colours together.