Friday, 20 July 2012

Folksy Handmade - Ammonites

Seems like Ammonites inspire a lot of people, not just me. There is something very pleasing about their shape. Not quite symmetrical, but there's a start and end, and you can wind or unwind as your eye pleases. Plus, it gives me a chance to select a palette of colours to create each one, which is something that I always enjoy doing. Pattern and colour all in one. My favourites. So for this week's Folksy Friday I have a whole fossil bed of Ammonites. (If you're off on holiday to one of the fossil beaches around the country, good luck.)

Top Row (Left to Right)
Middle Row (Left to Right)
Bottom Row (Left to Right)


  1. Thanks for including my little silver ammonite studs, it is a shape that does it for me too :)
    You have found some great items.

  2. gorgeous choices, I too love the shape and you've found a great variety :)