Friday, 13 July 2012

Folksy Handmade - 80s

I found one of these items while I was putting together a previous Folksy Friday (the beauty of doing these, that I'm always finding new items and shops), and thought it was so great that I would keep it back and build this Folksy Friday around it. Now I have 9 extra great items to go with it which complete this flashback to the 80s collection.

Shop links in the menu below the picture gallery.

Top next to text -
Top row (Left to Right)
Middle Row (Left to Right)
Bottom Row (Left to Right)


  1. Love the retro feel thanks for sharing

  2. Being a girl of the 80's, my formative years spent bobbing to 80's tunes and awful fashion, LOL, I'm loving your blog today! The pac man necklace is so cute!

    Natalie x