Monday, 31 October 2016

The Hedgerow Design

Bees and Hedgerow Hanging Plaque
A customer was thinking of getting a hanging plaque from me, but couldn't make up her mind about a design. A few conversations later, and the idea of a hedgerow was given to me, as it was the name of her house. I originally came up with a design with dog roses, rosehips and blackberries, and made that as a general hanging plaque because I liked the idea of that design with my trademark bees included. That design morphed into a conifer, holly and blackthorn design to match the hedges around the house. I then made another roses version with the sloe berries and flowers of the blackthorn (currently available in my Etsy shop). I can see this hedgerow idea being quite a fruitful one. Customers do give me some great design inspiration.

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