Saturday, 2 July 2016

Season Spirits and Jewel Tree

Mosaic Jewel Trees, and Season Spirits Hanging Garden Decorations
I have finally managed to get the full season set of Mosaic Jewel Tree Garden Hanging Plaques listed on my website, and joining them are a complimenting full set of Mosaic Season Sprites Hanging Decorations, which would look great dotted around a garden peeping out from the plants. The idea behind all the designs was to collect the colours of the season, so in Spring there is the pastels of blossom, the bright yellow of daffodils, and the fresh greens again the aqua blue sky. In Summer there's the deep colours of the flowers against the rich greens. In Autumn it's the tapestry of colour of the autumn leaves. And in winter the bright berries, bare wood, and the icy blues and white. Great on their own, but all designed to go with each other in any combination, so you could match a pair of seasons for a couple's birthday months, or just two seasons that you love the colours of. These can be found on my website, and in my Etsy shop.

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