Thursday, 22 November 2012

Folksy Handmade - Men!

This week's Folksy Friday is another gift idea selection, and it's a theme that seems to be a bit of a struggle for a lot of people. What to buy the fellas. I've tried to collect together a range of prices and styles so there should be an idea or two here for what to get most blokes - dads, brothers, OH's, and the rest. Most of the difficult to buy for fellas have to shave. Or if they don't, they can't object to a nice, warm, muted colour scarf. Surely? Men!

(p.s. I collected this lot at the start of the week, before Folksy decided to send out a flipping email with their massive collection of gifts for men. Mind you, I think there's only one of the shops I've got items from on their list, so this Folksy Friday is even more choice for you.)

Click on the pic to visit the shop for more pics and details of the items.

Crochet Men's Chunky Scarf
Daisy Chains by Natasha
Honda Formula One Keyring
Ledon Gifts
Silver Secret Message Bracelet

Contour Map Silver Cufflinks
Alison Moore Designs
Crochet Mens Hat
Daisy Chains Designs
Hemp Mens Toiletries Bag
Ruffle Shop

TLC Shaving Gift Set
The Little Cornish Soap Company
Upcycled Brewers Sack Apron
Maker's Meadow

Upcycled Coffee Sack Seating Cube
The Coffee Bag Company

London Vintage Travel Mug
Connell & Todd

Moosetache T-Shirt
Tee and Toast
Vintage Gig Posters iPhone Case
Backbeat Leather

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  1. Snap! That`s my theme this week too. Anyone would think they are hard to buy for. lol.
    Love the selection.