Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year. New Ideas. New Designs.

Peacock Eye Mosaic Garden Bird Bath
 Here we are then, 2012.  Funny how a change in the date can kick start your mind. I feel all enthused, and I've got loads of ideas for items to make this year. Or, attempt to make in some cases, I'm not entirely sure how to make some of the mind's eye items into reality. All part of the fun of designing though.

Peacock Eye Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

My first item I've made this year was inspired by some glass pebbles that I've got. I was playing around with combinations of them when I suddenly put them into an order that reminded me of a peacock feather's eye. That then turned into creating a pallete of other colours on that theme. That then turned into arranging the design. That then turned into the Peacock Eye Mosaic Garden Bird Bath.

The design juices are flowing again.

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