Friday, 13 January 2012

Folksy Handmade - Exotic / Wildflower Collection

Peacock Eye Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

I am going to do a regular Folksy Friday (a themed collection of handmade items for sale on

I think the way I will manage this (as I have tried various other ways of doing a photo gallery), is to make a Pinterest board for each month and add to it. As I've missed one Folksy Friday this January, I will make it up and do a double-themed Folksy Friday today.

The first list of items has been inspired by my two latest bird baths designs, Blue Paisley, and Peacock Eye which have unintentionally gone in a kind of exotic looking direction. So I've collected together a few other items that have an exotic look to them. Check out the Pinterest board here -

Sky Blue Primrose Mosaic Garden Plant Pot

The second list is themed on Wildflowers. I made this handpainted primrose flowers mosaic pot because the weather was so mild at the start of the week, and it was starting to feel like spring. Unfortunately it doesn't feel much like spring anymore, but it's not far away. So here's a little look forward to spring (and summer) -


  1. Love the way you've taken your photos really like the dish

  2. Those colours on your pintrest board look lovely