Saturday, 11 July 2015

Customer Commission Mosaic Bird Baths

I've managed to complete a couple of customer commissions for mosaic bird baths recently. The first was a design that a couple of people had asked me to try, a Yorkshire Rose. I made the rose, but couldn't decide on a background. As soon as one of my customers saw the rose she knew exactly what background she wanted to match her favourite Yorkshire team. I also wanted to try a rose on a graduated sky blues background, so that was the second version.

Blue Sheep Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

The other customer commission for a mosaic bird bath was a lady in America who said she really liked the hedgehog designs that I do, particularly the blue one, and asked if I could try a blue sheep. So, I thought I'd try a sheep in the same layout style as the hedgehog, with the face and legs as one element and the rest of the body filling the base. A few attempts later and I got the design to where I wanted, and the customer was very happy with it too. Think I might try another version of the sheep soon.

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