Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Pastel Anemone and Peacock Jewel Bird Baths

Pastel Anemone Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

Two new mosaic bird bath designs. Both came from making a shape from a tile while I was making other bird baths and then it sparking an idea for a new design. And I've got ideas for more designs from making these too. The first design is the Pastel Anemones. I've used this colour palette quite a lot lately because it looks great with the black grout. The flower centres are slightly glossy black so show well against the grout. Some of the flowers are iridescent to add metallic shine to your garden.

Peacock Jewel Mosaic Garden Bird Bath

The other new design is the Peacock Jewel. This bird bath has a slight feel of India about it with the colours used and the stylised peacock design. The jewel bit of the name refers to small squares of iridescent tiles which give the metallic shine to certain areas of the bird bath.

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