Friday, 8 June 2012

Folksy Handmade - Fairies and Elves

Have you got fairies at the bottom of your garden? For today's Folksy Friday I've collected together a few home comforts for them, including a mushroom to sit on, a fairy inn and a even a doormat for their own door, and there's also a few friends to join them too.

The shop link gallery is below the pics as usual -

Top Row (Left to Right)
Middle Row (Left to Right)
Bottom Row (Left to Right)


  1. Love this selection, especially the door and the tree house, oh and the mushroom and the elf doll... :)

  2. I think the fairies in my garden need that fairy inn today, they're getting very wet! :(

  3. Great collection of fairy and toadstool goodness. Thank you for including my fabric.