Friday, 29 April 2011

Mosaic Garden Hangers

For a bit of colour in the border, or in the veg bed, I have designed some mosaic garden ornaments. The mirrored ones are particularly good hanging in the veg bed as the light reflecting as they turn scares the pigeons off.  And the 'faded' union jack reminds me of old allotments and veg growing.

I designed the hangers after making some for my own garden to add colour during the winter months, and for when I've not got much in flower. Because I've only got a small garden I haven't got as much opportunity to have things in flower all season long, so I think small gardens can benefit from a few colourful ornaments. Plus they can add a feel to an area, like the union jack one above, if put into a veg bed gives a real 'Great British Grow Your Own' feel. I think it helps when you are designing a garden if you give areas a name so you know what feel you are going for, and then what plants and ornaments will add to that.

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